Members: Natashia "La Pavita", Jody "Juanita", Jill "La Susi", Alyssa "La Rosita", Bonnie "La Bonita", Maria, Terri, Alice "Alicita", Tara.

Formed by Kari Alba in 2001 to give her most skilled students a chance to perform at a higher level, Amantes de Flamenco is Saskatoon’s own semi-professional flamenco group consisting of selected advanced students of Alma Flamenca.  In addition to the long-term mentorship of Kari Alba, Amantes members have also trained and performed with flamenco artists from Spain and Canada. Amantes performs regularly in a variety of shows, including the annual Alma Flamenca Expo, “Spain Meets Canada”, Ness Creek Music Festival, Dare to Dance, FolkFest, dinner shows and other professional engagements.  In 2001 and 2004, they were awarded a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to bring Flamenco Masters from Spain to Canada.