Alma Flamenca is an organization dedicated to educating, promoting and inspiring  the art of Flamenco in Saskatoon and Western Canada.Classes are offered in both Flamenco Music (guitar, 'cante' or voice, 'cajon' and 'palmas' percussion) and Flamenco Dance.  All flamenco styles i.e. 'jondo' (deep) such as Soleares, Tientos, Segiriyas ; 'chico' (light) Tango, Tanguillo, Garrotin ; 'folclorico' (flamenco folk music) Sevillanas, Fandango de Huelva  and 'ida y vuelta'  (south american influenced) Guajiras, Columbianas.  Students are encouraged, though it is not necessary, to attend classes for the full session, which runs 9 months (October - June) and at the end of the session students will have the opportunity to perform in the annual Alma Flamenca Student Expo at the Broadway Theatre.  All  dance students wishing to perform will need the required costume (used at least 2 years in a row from Beginner to Intermediate). In the higher level classes (Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced) a new costume is needed each year; however, all previously used costumes continue to be used.  
Alma Flamenca is also responsible for presenting Flamenco shows and workshops in and around Saskatoon and western Canada.  Their most widely known presentation is the "Spain Meets Canada" Flamenco Festival which unites artists from Spain and Canada. Alma Flamenca is also the home of the semi-professional company Amantes de Flamenco.

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A  $35.00 cancellation fee will be charged. All cancellations must be made no less than two weeks before the first class at the beginning of the following month or the cheques will be put through and all monies retained for that month. The remainder will be refunded.  There will be a $15.00 charge on any returned NSF cheques. For more information and schedule updates, please contact us by
e-mail:  or call: 651-ALMA (2562) Our studio is located in  Saskatoon , Saskatchewan  - at the YMCA, #25 - 22nd Street East ...right next door to the TCU Place (previously Centennial Auditorium). There is plenty of free parking after 6pm right beside the YMCA building.